Why Tronyx

Want to know the reasons why people choose us again and again? Let us share the top ten not only one!

Get the same prices, you’ve seen before.

We guarantee to back your device FREE of charge and pay 100% of the value quoted. We’ll never let you disappoint with nasty prices.

We make the fastest payments.

Do you need money as soon as possible? We promise to send your payment on the same day we receive the device. Our FPS bank transfers money directly into your account.  We don’t prefer BACS as it takes 3 working days.

By choosing the Tronyx Store Credit payment option, you’ll get an extra 10% for your device and will be redeemable at our Tronyx Shop!

No hidden costs.

The price we quote is the amount you receive. No seller fees or hidden costs.

Simple and fair conditions that won’t let you down.

 Easy to follow conditions. No nasty small prints will let you disappoint.

Free data delete tool.

Easy to use, detailed instructions on how to delete data permanently. Best of all it’s a free tool.

Free postage along with tracking.

Our freepost service offers free delivery, quick tracking, and up to £100 damage cover. You’ll get an email once your device is received.

Help others and the environment whilst helping yourself.

Tronyx helps to extend old devices’ life and follows endurable recycling practices, so people get an efficient device at a flexible budget. You will get paid for doing something good when the impact on planet earth is minimized!

We’re proud of the awards we won

Tronyx has won many mobile phone recycling awards. We’ve built our reputation over years of experience, industry knowledge, and better customer services.

Still not satisfied? Check out what our customers say about us.

How Do I
Sell My Device?

Tronyx has made selling your device easier than ever before. We're damn sure you'll be surprised at the prices we offer to keep your budget flexible. If you want to sell any device, simply search for your model on our website and get an instant price quote. Unlike other mobile phone recyclers, our rates are guaranteed and fixed. With our price promise guarantee, you get the full price quoted or your phone back free of cost.

Moreover, you can search for a mobile phone, tablet or watch by typing IMEI or clicking on the manufacturer of your device. We have also added direct links to popular mobile options like Sell My iPhone and Sell My iPad.

Once you have registered your sale, we'll post you a free sales pack with a Freepost bag. Furthermore, Tronyx will make a payment on the very same day after receiving your device.

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