How It Works

We all accept that life can be tricky anytime. So we’ve turned the whole deal simple, swift, and hassle-free keeping the budget flexible.

Register Sale

Requires not more than 5 minutes to complete

Search for your old device to know much it costs around. Select an appropriate payment method. To get the work done efficiently, enter your details carefully.

Sales Pack

DPD Drop Off, Print Your Pack or Free Sales Pack

After placing an online sell order, you’ll get an option to send your packaged device using local DPD drop off, request for print your pack or sales pack.

Send Device

Send us your device within 14 days

Take your device to nearby DPD drop off shop. If you’re using your printing labels or our Freepost bag, go to the post office and select one of our posting options.

Fast Payment

We receive your device on the same day without any delay

After receiving the device, we make sure your order must match all the standards. So, we make a payment on the same day of receipt.  You’re happy, we’re satisfied!

* Available on working days Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

How Do I
Sell My Device?

Tronyx has made selling your device easier than ever before. We're damn sure you'll be surprised at the prices we offer to keep your budget flexible. If you want to sell any device, simply search for your model on our website and get an instant price quote. Unlike other mobile phone recyclers, our rates are guaranteed and fixed. With our price promise guarantee, you get the full price quoted or your phone back free of cost.

Moreover, you can search for a mobile phone, tablet or watch by typing IMEI or clicking on the manufacturer of your device. We have also added direct links to popular mobile options like Sell My iPhone and Sell My iPad.

Once you have registered your sale, we'll post you a free sales pack with a Freepost bag. Furthermore, Tronyx will make a payment on the very same day after receiving your device.

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