• Tronyxonline is committed to becoming one of the leading laptop and mobile retailer in Luton. Our business is laptops and mobiles, and our mission is bringing technology to everyone’s access.  Packaging has an important role to play by protecting our items and allowing them to be transported safely. We deal in Apple products and other brands items such as tablets and mobiles and our packaging follows the highest standards to protect the items against damage.

    Our packaging technique has the following traits

    Our packaging technique requires careful design for protecting the items as they transit from our store to consumers.  Our packaging is made from recycled and reusable resources for reducing the use of valuable resources. As we deal in laptops and mobiles, we are very serious about packaging and package design. Our packaging is elegant which reflects our thoughtfulness that other retailers don’t bother to deal with. Our heritage is Apple products so we maintain a competitive position at the forefront of packaging for the laptop industry for the past years.

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    29 Jun 2018

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    23 May 2018

    Tronyx Computer & Tech Fair

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